The importance of light in graphic design

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To be a graphic designer, it is not enough to have a vivid imagination to create different visual solutions. It also requires some knowledge of working in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Everyone who met with these programs knows that they cannot be overcome overnight. There are many options and a lot of filters that can be applied to a single image. The basics are lights and shadows.

As one photographer needs to know how the light effects to what is photographed, good graphic designer need to know a lot about light. In both cases, you should know the direction of the light. Clearly, you cannot add a shadow where is the source of light and vice versa. You need to know what effect has the light added from the front, or the one added from above.

When you create a graphical design, it is not bad to imagine how it will look like on lighting advertisement. Wherever you turn, advertisements are all around us. In order to be visible by night, light is of great importance. Those who use this kind of advertisements know how sometimes they can be a big energy cost. LED lighting is the solution to many things around us because it is energy efficient. There are a large number of LED lights available on the market, which are used for various purposes – from those which may serve to light advertising boxes, to those who are literally able to awaken lives. Such are, for example, LED lights that promote plant growth, like those that can be found at Grow lights base. And it is another indication how light permeates all aspects of our lives.

Where is light, there are also shadows. Perhaps the best way to understand the relationship of light and shadow is playing around with a single bulb which you will move around an object. Shadow can show the depth of the object or its three-dimensionality, even when are plain letters in question.

Whether you are doing a regular advertisement or neon signs, you have to be careful about colors and their agreement. Some color combinations are simply not acceptable to our eye. Most often these are light letters on a dark background. Personally, I find unreadable narrow white letters on a black background or bright red letters on a green background. Even the numerous studies have shown that the dark letters on a light background are more acceptable and easier to read.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes in graphic design may be the wrong use of light and a lot of different filters. You cannot put a shadow and light at the same place. You just have to know what you’re doing. Once you master all the techniques, even the simplest illustrations of characters can become amazing. Here’s a great tutorial and example:

With appropriate filters and effects, a good graphic design will be able to conjure up light and add a shine on ordinary photography. In this way, we can make shining design solutions – in the truest sense of the word.


My Networking Tips & Tricks

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One important way to grow a business is to build professional relationships. This is commonly accomplished through a process referred to as networking. Networking can be done for many reasons, such as expanding your client base, finding a job, or developing business partners. However walking into a room full of strangers, approaching them, and then creating conversation with them is an intimidating process for many people. Don’t panic, Creative Wisdom can offer a few helpful tips and tricks for you to succeed when networking!

Arrive Early – if you find large crowds intimidating then you might want to show up early. When a venue begins there are typically a lot less people milling around and it is not too noisy and chaotic yet. Therefore by arriving early, it makes it easier to have engaging one-on-one conversations with the people you approach. Furthermore, arriving early provides you with the opportunity to make a lasting impression first, on all of the people you meet.

Be yourself – in order to build trust with the people you meet, you need to come across as authentic. Looking people in the eyes and smiling are always effective ways to come across as warm and genuine. It makes you seem approachable and demonstrates that you are a positive individual.

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My Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

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Digital marketing is constantly changing. Social media and apps are finding their way into the webpages of more and more businesses because companies have recognized the advantages of using them. Here are 5 digital marketing predictions for 2015 that you should know.

Visual Media – people are drawn more quickly to pictures than words. Images are very engaging and they are appearing more and more in social media because they can communicate information much faster to our brains. Research has demonstrated that blog posts with images generate more traffic, Twitter posts with images are shared more frequently, and pictures on Facebook produce more views. Websites with a large presence of images can drive more traffic and therefore make them more shareable. This in turn will lead to more sales.

Interactive Content – many companies are developing websites that have a more customized and engaging experience for visitors. For example creating online quizzes for customers. Companies want to stand out from other websites with similar products, so grabbing the attention of individuals by getting them to participate in activities is one successful way to accomplish this. If visitors are enjoying their time exploring a website it will be more memorable for them and they will want to come back. Interactive content also provides companies with a lot of data, which is collected from the interactions people have with the quizzes, polls and games.

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Interesting facets of graphic design

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Interesting facets of graphic designWith the enormous amount of information accessible now in the form of magazines, books, signage, posters etc. on graphic design, it is easy to grasp the basics. The patterns, lines, and dynamics can be easily created now.

But this was not as easy before. The concepts, which we take for granted now, have actually evolved from the ideas of several experts in the subject. In fact, there have been several momentous breakthroughs over the years paving the way for creation of some of the most individualistic ideas that have caused a big stir in the field. I have compiled a few of them here.

The dynamic tattoo

Tattoo is one of the graphic design categories, which has very ancient roots. It dates back to the Neolithic ages! As a symbolic icon or as decoration the tattoo has withstood over the years and manages to be in vogue even at present. While some cultures consider it as sacred and part of their culture, a few cultures prohibit it too.

Irrespective of whether they are temporarily tattooed or indelibly inscribed, tattoos continue to resonate among communities. The body is used as the page for creating designs of all varieties from pictorial depictions and logos to letters.


While the importance of using images is a given thing now, it was introduced as a substitute for text in 1930s by Otto Neurath and Marie Reidmeister, his wife. Named as Isotype (International System of Typographic Picture Education) the system established the first ordered form of graphics for communication information related to events, objects and locales as well as to explain complex processes in an easier manner.

Speaking of graphical images, the traffic signals, and road signs can be included in this category. The signs are easier to grasp by all and provide safety comprehensively. For added safety, I use powerful LED light bar such as those found at LEDLIGHTSPLANET, which is of tremendous use during nighttime driving. The isotype by Neurath however is a simplified symbolic representation of men, women, animals, planes, trucks and other objects  that could be used to present statistical data and information in a simple way. The sign symbols have influenced information and cartographic graphics even until the end of twentieth century.


Image is undoubtedly the core of communication in the business world. And a logo is considered the most effective, when it is created with restraint and simplicity. You can see this pattern in most corporate symbols including Big names such as General Electric. The colors, configuration, shapes, and other aspects are shred of decorative elements and have been popular because of this manner of depiction. While Victorian designs were flamboyant, modern design thrives on simple geometric and linear forms for better impression.

The above three are only a few of the plethora of ideas that have made an indelible mark over the centuries. Visual texts, metaphoric letters, pointing fingers and many others have brought about a renaissance to graphic designing creating landmark changes in how we view images and texts and their significance. Needless to say, graphic designing is one area where you can experiment as much as you can and come up with startling and popular ideas.

Desk Jobs and Exercise

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Desk Jobs and Exercise

There is a real link between working a job at a desk where you spend most of your day seated and low exercise and fitness levels. It’s one of the major reasons people all over the world are bloating up – we just don’t work as actively as we used to. With so many tasks automated and so many jobs reduced to little more than just pressing a series of buttons to get a desired outcome, it’s no wonder people are packing on pounds and fatter than ever. But as someone who works at a computer, I want to tell everyone that a healthy body and a desk job need not be mutually exclusive.

Some people think of exercise and they imagine running alongside a road for miles at a time, or doing a huge number of repetitions with some massive amount of weight that’s just unrealistic. These are, in my experience, the people who really need the exercise and know it. They know they need to do something extreme to get out of the slump they’re in, and knowing so much work needs to be done is enough to discourage them from even starting. But, hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know? Changes take time to implement, and bigger changes tend to take more time than smaller ones.

Going from couch potato to buff is a bigger change. But it’s doable, if you’re diligent. You can even get in your exercise while seated and at home, so you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone, and you can exercise even if a joint or limb is giving you trouble and would normally keep you from working out. See, I own a set of power racks, like you can see at this website. They’re basically like little home gyms that can be adjusted in a number of ways to make dozens of different exercises possible.

That “little” bit is really my favorite part. They aren’t tiny, but many of these home gyms are compact enough that they only take up a little corner, maybe in an empty room, or a basement, or a garage. They can go pretty much anywhere, and they’re too heavy for anyone to just walk up and steal once they’ve been assembled, so that’s kind of like a built in security system. You can see plenty of examples of different home gyms and power racks at Garage Gym Pro, if you like.

While seated, I can easily give both of my arms, both of my legs, and my core a workout over the span of about an hour. It may not be ideal, but being seated means I need to work a little less, so I don’t really run out of breath, though I do sweat plenty during a hard workout. It seems like a nice balance for someone who doesn’t normally spend a lot of time on his or her feet – it was actually a major selling point for me when I was looking for exercise equipment. The point is, if you want to get fit, you can. You just have to find the right way to do it.

Reducing Waste in Printing

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Reducing Waste in PrintingAs a graphic designer, I know many of the common complaints people come up with when dealing with printing, marketing and design. There is perhaps no issue more pressing for small businesses than cutting down on wasted resources at the end of the day, and printing is one of those places where it’s possible to waste a lot of resources over a short time. Printing too much of a book or magazine is one thing, but what about publishers who print books where the pages end up being backwards or written in letters that are the wrong font or size? We’re talking massive amounts of waste related to printing here.

Usually you have quality control and other departments and policies in place to stop things like that from happening if you’re in a larger business setting. Smaller businesses don’t often have that same level of oversight on daily operations though. Big or small, reducing waste in printing is a way for many businesses to improve their bottom line by saving on avoidable costs. There’s paper, ink, toner, electrical costs related to running printers and equipment, and hours of labor to pay for the people doing the printing. There are many opportunities for savings because of this.

One thing I advise is to convert as many hard publications as you possibly can into a digital format. This can literally eliminate the need to print certain materials, while also making them more accessible and easier to review. It’s a great way to hand out employment handbooks and other materials for workers, but there are other ways to save money by taking some of your printed material and making it digital. It might also be a better idea to market or try to sell something through digital media as opposed to traditional, hard copy, like paper magazines and brochures.

Let’s just say I’m trying to sell grappling dummies, for instance. No particular reason, just the first thing that popped into my mind. I could make a much more compelling case for a sale with a couple of short videos showing off the dummy in action than I could with pages and pages of sales copy and still pictures, like you would get if you were reading about the dummy in a catalog somewhere. It could be clothes just as well – maybe I’ve got excellent BJJ gis I’m trying to sell: what better way than to show them surviving a tough one-on-one battle between two fighters?

Many businesses are doing away with printing altogether to avoid costs they don’t necessarily need to pay. It might sound odd coming from a graphic designer, but this only makes sense. I don’t make any less money whether my designs are printed on paper or broadcasted on a website, you see? I’ve got no real stake in the matter. But I know that the costs of printing are just overwhelming for some companies, due in no small part to money wasted on the printing process. If you have something to sell, remember a website kind of like this might be better than any printed, paper catalog.

Blending imagery with text

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M letter typographyThe practice of embossing text on background images is a popular trend. This has been used well before the advent of web design and is an excellent way to get a contextually rich and emotionally engaging experience.  While earlier, images were required to be smaller to accommodate the slow bandwidth, now with high-speed internet and higher screen densities, larger images are possible.

To enable text over image, you need to use special techniques and best practices to ensure the design is of high quality, instead of just embossing text over an image. Here are some tips on the different ways of adding text on images. The principles are equally applicable, when you choose text and video combinations.

Contrast using brightness and color

The images should be significantly in contrast to the text used. For instance, lighter text over darker images is a good way. In an aquarium, where you have plenty of colors, a darker colored text would appear more clearly. The aquariums should also be maintained properly. Using canister filters such as those at will ensure proper and complete filtration.

font-388690_960_720For a better contrast, using filters or overlay elements to darken images is another way. If the letters are not visible at a glance, contrast is not sufficient. Some ways to improve contrast include:

  • Using dark over light is not the only way to use contrast. You can use complementary colors too.
  • You can edit the image or use an overlay, if the image is fully focused or complex.
  • Filters help to improve brightness and contrast.

Positioning and sizing for better contrast

In addition to color, using text position and size also improves contrast. This actually is much better than color to improve the text readability. The text should be positioned in such a way that it is more readable.

Depth for better readability

Selecting an image that has proper field depth will ensure inclusion of better text. The field depth forms a good backdrop enhancing readability.  The aquarium shot I mentioned earlier is one such shot with good depth. The text should be placed in a portion that is not in focus and care should be taken to ensure the color of the text is in contrast with the background color of the region where it is placed. For larger aquarium shots, this works especially well. Using a good canister filter, such as those at Canister Filter Guide, along with colorful fish and other accessories enable better images.

Right combination

Combination of text with images is effective only when you choose the right image. For instance, specific imagery is more effective, when compared to generic imagery. The literal context and emotional evocation of an image is more important, when selection an image as these relate to the message tone that is in meant to be conveyed.

Further images and text should be combined in such a way that both should be clearly visible. Avoid images that have a weak focus point. The image clarity is an important point to consider. Filters and overlays can be considered to make the image more dominant, if the feelings it evokes are more important than the text.

Pattern creation in graphic designing

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seamless-1082983_960_720To excel in graphic designing, you need to master several techniques and tools. Nowadays there are excellent software programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator, which make the entire designing easier. Further, they enable innovative creations without much effort. But sometimes I find the traditional designs drawn with pencil or pen even more alluring and dynamic.

Whatever method you use for your graphic designing, the important thing is how you develop your particular brand of style. From using geometric shapes, adding textures to your designs to including retro or urban style there are many facets to designing that need to be focused on to create an impressive design. Here are some tips I have gathered over the years from experts in graphic designing. These tips are sure to help you create awe-inspiring patterns.

Pattern creation tips

This is more like building a jigsaw puzzle or playing Tetris or the evergreen Lego blocks. You should know the purpose of the pattern and the right way to use it to get the perfect rhythm.

For instance, in a wallpaper design, the repeating patterns should look smooth and even. In case of fabric, the colors matter more than the scale. So avoid mixing identical tones.

For instance, using baby blue color next to sky blue will appear the same when printed in a fabric. For food images, contrasting colors and shapes give an appealing look. I had recently done a design for a meatball restaurant. The images of the meatballs were much appreciated and the meatballs tasted as delicious as they appeared in the images, which the cook said was because of the efficient meat grinder he used.

For creating dramatic patterns, you need to draw by hand the various shapes and motifs. I usually use pens with different thicknesses and trace motifs and shapes directly from the photographs I take.

You should trace the contours of the object as well as the highlights taking care that the line is continuous without any interruptions. If not, the color will run when the object is filled on the system. So take care and avoid missing any gap.

While scanning the drawing remove patches by using Photoshop to adjust the levels in such a way that the colors are even more intense whether it is black, white, or any other color.

Photoshop can also be used to create layers of images parts that are of the same hue appear as separate images.

Sometimes when you try out new things in the design, you can actually create better and unique looking designs. The images for the restaurant that I mentioned earlier came out splendidly because of my willingness to experiment with the objects. After tasting the meatballs, I bought a meat grinder from as recommended by the chef, for he insisted that having fresh ground meat made a great deal of difference to how the food tasted.

And in case of recipes too adding some new ingredient or removing some can create new and exotic tastes but can backfire too. For the meatballs recipe, I didn’t want to jeopardize the taste, so went with the chef’s recommendations all the way and the dish turned out really good.

For the patterns to form into impressive designs, using the texture toolbar and Pen tool helps to get a simple graphic appearance, but this also gives you space to experiment with the textures.

Marketing tips for increasing profits in graphic design

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stock-624712_960_720When you are into graphic design as a freelancer, it is not viable to focus on the design aspect alone. You need to do some marketing too, if you want your design business to take off on the right footing. During the initial phase of my career, I hated the very concept of sales.

But when you need clients desperately, I discovered that hating would not get the job done. So I turned the marketing into an innovative game, which I planned to win no matter what kind of obstacles came my way. And believe me, it worked well. I found that the way you approach a particular project makes a great deal of difference in the outcome. So here are some highly profitable and easy to embrace marketing ideas you would surely find useful.


The fast-paced mobile savvy world we live in requires us to be connected with the right people. Find out about the business groups in your locality and be connected with them. Offer valuable advice on branding and the advantages design can bring to their business, except of course your competitors who would not dream of giving business to you.

Make sure the advice you offer is authentic and relevant to the businesses concerned.  My neighbor runs an event management business. He has been doing it for some time now with a decent income. I suggested some ideas on how he could advertise his business better, which he gladly used and it increased his client base considerably. He was happy and gave a fabulous barbecue party to appreciate my efforts. I love barbecues and this was exceptional mainly due to the efficient pellet smoker my neighbor had bought recently.

Build presence online

Having a blog is an essential part of increasing exposure to your business. Write about the topics that your prospective clients would like to know about regarding your design business. Don’t go into anything technical, which they would not understand well. Instead, focus on the solution that they need for their business, which you can provide.

Elaborate on the various difficulties present in their business and the ways out you can assist them in. Issues such as professional branding, logo, a professional looking website etc. can be discussed about.  Writing as guest blogger on sites, which your prospective clients visit such as a chamber of commerce site in your locality would be a good marketing tactic. You are sure to get good leads this way.

Social events such as the barbecue party I mentioned before is another way to increase exposure to your business. Some of the guests included business acquaintances of my neighbor and they were pretty much interested in what I can do for their business. And in addition to having had great food, I managed to advertise my business. By the way, I was so taken up with the barbecue smoker that I bought one, not of the same variety as my neighbor’s, nevertheless a good one, which he recommended to buy at

Promo Videos

Video guides and tutorials are in fact the best resources that have the highest sales conversion percentage. You need not spend big on these. Create good content, which is relevant and informative to your clients instead of just the usual promo stuff to create better impact.


How to make the most awesome presentations

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Student working on a macbookPresentations are always seen as longwinded and frustrating for both the presenter and those at the receiving end. I’m sure many of you would have endured more than your share of speeches and PowerPoint presentations.

And such presentations often make the entire visual representation a futile process because sufficient care was not taken on the design and content. These two are key factors that differentiate an excellent presentation from a dull one.

Even if you have put together a great speech, when you don’t pay proper attention to the images, it can detract from the message you want to get across. I recently helped a friend who runs a beauty salon create a presentation slide for her clients.

No matter what field the presentation is in, when you get the basics right, you can sail smoothly and make a tremendous impact on your clients. Here are some tips to create awesome presentations.

Forget the template stock themes

The themes you get with your PowerPoint software have been repeated so many times that they serve only to make your presentation look boring, repetitive and ugly. You need to forget about these templates altogether and try beginning with a clear and clean presentation and move forward with that as a basis.

I introduced some new designs for my friend for the beauty treatments she does. Incidentally, she does a great job and purchases most of her beauty related equipment at, which is an important reason for her success in the field.

Text Matters

While adding text, ensure you don’t pack up too much of relevant information, as this will undermine the entire purpose of the presentation.  Since it is impossible for the audience to grasp the visual impact of the slides and focus on the text simultaneously, make sure the content is concise, and not more than 6 lines of text.

And you will agree with me when I say that you cannot see a presentation without bullet points in it. But audience will not be able to remember bullet points as easily as a well presented slide. Instead of the bullet points, use a slide for each point and build the case incrementally.

Pick fabulous looking fonts

When it comes to typography, ensure the font is legible and focus on it rather than stylish looking but hard to decipher fonts.  Well, if you do want to create a stir, you can very well show your creativity in the title, but for the body text, you should go for clean and traditional fonts.

And make sure the text is clearly demarcated from the background. The font I used for my friend was very much appreciated and she said that many of her clients had commented on it. She does advanced non-invasive skin care treatments with special devices, click here for more information, which is a big attraction for her business.

For appealing and eye-catching text, you need to ensure the background images are created well, while the text is outlined with a stylish colour bar, so the visual interest increases by several notches. Designs and text can be displayed in innumerable number of ways. Choosing the best one will measure the extent of success you get.

Top web design concepts

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ipad-605420_960_720Web design has come a long way from the initial symbols, java, and flash to the present day responsive, flat, and flex box designs. Now web design plays a vital role in how a website is received. Since most businesses including government organizations depend on their online presence, having an exceptional design has become very important now.

The task of making an attractive web design is however easier due to the present day technologies. There are two main styles in web design namely dynamic and static web design. Here are some web design types that are hugely popular now, which I have found very useful to satisfy even the most demanding client requirements.

Illustrative design

Illustration serves as a versatile tool, which finds different applications in web design. In fact, illustration is a vital core in web design that has been put to an extreme number of implementations. The cartoon drawings and illustration add vibrancy to the any web design you do.

I recently worked on a musical albums selling website. I included some cartoon illustrations, which added a fresh look to the site, and were very much appreciated. Since I love music, I gave more attention to the project. I love karaoke singing especially and have a great time with my friends. Although music albums are great to listen to, the experience of singing along with your favourite tune is really wonderful. When you have a top quality-singing machine, the experience is even more gratifying.

Minimalistic design

As the name implies, this design is of a stark quality where the design elements are stripped down to the bare essentials. In a way, this is good as minimalism eliminates all potential distractions. This format remains in trend always. And when you consider the amount of information present online, this design certainly holds great potential. If you need your website to focus on a particular product or work of yours, this design is the best way to score.

Typogrpahy design

The typography is the first thing that impresses users before they start reading the content or click a button. An appealing font creates a lasting impression.  The website I mentioned earlier had an excellent font, which the client liked very much. In fact seeing the response to the site and knowing about my karaoke singing, he bought a wonderful singing machine from KARAOKEISLE. I am now holding my own sing along parties and have a real cool time!

Back to the topic, typography is a real game changer in web design. Although there have been several advances, the layouts for typography are very limited making way for image replacement methods. But the fonts available are still plenty in number making it easier for choosing a perfect one.

Single page design

While this is an old trend, it still is an effective and practical one to use. With the short attention span of users I see nowadays, this may well become the main design in future. But this design has its own drawbacks. You can’t very well fit all your content into a single page. Proper care needs to be taken to make this work.

Flat design

This is another type of minimalistic approach, which focuses on usability. Open and clean spaces, bright colours, crisp edges, and images of two-dimensional variety feature in this design.

Making Great Shooting Targets

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Making Great Shooting TargetsShooting, whether you’re doing it with bullets from a gun, bolts from a crossbow or arrows from a bow, is about one, single thing – getting the projectile fired to hit the target being shot upon. It may seem like a niche business, but shooting ranges, archery ranges and other sporting environments need a steady supply of targets to keep patrons entertained. Making great shooting targets is all about catering to the people doing the actual shooting. It is, surprisingly, one of the few printing industries which is still doing well with the Internet being around. This is probably because you can’t really shoot at digital readouts.

Well, you could. But then your arrows and other projectiles would end up lodged in a wall at the other end of the room, rather than leaving clearly defined marks in a physical target you could look at and review for the next time you go shooting. Paper targets need a few things to really be considered quality targets. For one, clearly defined regions on the target should give better scores for better shots, so shooters have an incentive to aim well before firing. Second, such targets also must be able to take a bullet or arrow flying through them and still remain whole, ready to take other shots.

Obviously, a solid black character on a solid white background makes for one of the best possible targets. This gives a clear target area and allows for the user to see, without fail, if their shots went wide or if they actually hit the thing they were aiming to hit. Setting score values for hitting increasingly difficult shots on the target will also add some usability to shooting targets which they otherwise wouldn’t have. Then, people using high-tech recurve bows would be able to have more shooting at the target, which then might lead them to take more shots in total.

Making Great Shooting TargetsUnlike targets for firing ranges where people use guns and bullets, archery targets need something behind the target to take the arrow and keep it from just careening right through, shredding up the target and making the hit impossible to score. A thin layer of plywood is cheap and effective, but people have used hay bales, layered mesh fences and stuffed scarecrows to support targets as well. You can really use whatever is available, but if you’re trying to produce and sell targets that thin plywood sheet would make an excellent backer.

Archery as a sport may not be as popular around the world as games like football, but there are still many people devoted to the sport, people who train for years to become crack shots with a bow and arrows. If the sport holds your interest at all, you might want to look into trying it out for yourself. The best piece of advice which can be given is that those arrows can kill people if you aren’t careful about firing them. Archery is a dangerous sport, and respect must be given to the tools involved.

Important Design Elements

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office-820390_960_720Just as in any other venture you do, an ideal design creation rests on how solid the fundamentals are. When you have your basics right, it is more like half the work done. Being struck by inspiration, or for that matter having that ‘Eureka’ moment, and other minor details, constitute the remaining half.

In my experience even if there are numerous nuances and approaches to succeed in designing there are a few elements that play a key role in all projects. These elements can be used by beginners and experts to create stunning designs. If you intend to make a profit out of your design, which I think everyone does, these elements should be known.


Color is another key design element that is significant for the designer and the user.  Color reaches out on its own or as a background, or it can be applied to the shapes textures, lines, or typography to create an attractive design. Recently I had done a work for my friend who is into swimming pool maintenance. The designs came out quite beautifully, as I had included real images of swimming pools and done a few changes in the shapes and added some real color contrasts.

Nowadays with the nice pool heating systems such as those at, it is easy to use a swimming pool all the year round. This and the fact that the designs were quite good, my friend says his business is quite a busy one now. Color creates the right ambience and conveys more about the brand than what content can accomplish. Every color has a different meaning and when you combine colors, it further adds more depth and a different meaning altogether.


The line is undoubtedly the most basic part of design. In drawing, line denotes the pencil or pen stroke you make. In graphic designing, the line is just any two points connected to each other. Whether it is demarcating some part or drawing attention to a particular part, lines are very useful. For instance, in a magazine you can see lines that separate the headlines, content and the side panels.


Even parts of a design that remain blank either in white or any other color can be used to add beauty to the overall design. The blank or negative space can be used to create shapes. I have done this in all my designs including the swimming pool design, which I talked about earlier. By the way, my friend in return for the excellent work on his project presented me with a full year free maintenance for my swimming pool.  I use a top quality pool heating system, which helps me use it almost all through the year. Therefore, I was very happy with the free maintenance offer. Just as in a yard where we use up every bit of space, you need to incorporate as much as you can without making the design look too crowded or unsightly.


Next to line and color, shape is what adds interest to the design. Moreover, shapes are influenced by the color or lines. They emphasize a particular part of a design. When you look keenly, everything in a design is a shape. When you can identify the various shapes in your design and how they interact, you can come up with some wonderful and unique creations.